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The following overview provides information on how to create a customer profile ID and password in Corporate Online.  Click on a particular topic of interest below, or read the whole guide using the scroll bar.

Getting Started



Without having to login, you can access any of the filings listed under "No Login Required" on the Services Menu and pay by credit card.

For other filings, it is necessary to identify the person who completes the filing. These filings are listed under "Login Required" on the Services Menu.  To access these services you must login with a customer profile ID.

BC OnLine customers can also access these services by first logging in to BC OnLine.

If you DO NOT have a BC OnLine account, you can create a customer profile, including an ID and password, which you can use to login.


To create a customer profile, you must have the incorporation number and company password for a BC company.


You can use the same customer profile while working for more than one company.

When you are logged in using a customer profile, partially completed forms will be saved so you can come back and complete them later. Your work in progress can be found under the Your Work tab.

You can change the password or email address associated with your customer profile by clicking "Change Customer Profile" on the Services Menu or by clicking the Your Profile tab.  You must be logged in.



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Getting Started

Select "Create Customer Profile" from the Services Menu.  To access the Services Menu, click "Other filings, services and paper forms" from the Main Menu.

Before you begin, ensure you have the following information on hand:

Step 1

The  incorporation number and company password for a BC company.

Step 2

The ID and password you would like to use for your customer profile.

The password must be between 8 and 15 characters.  You can use any combination of letters or numbers, but cannot use special characters (for example ^ or /).  Letters are case sensitive, so abc is different from ABC.

Step three

A hint to remind you of the password should you forget it (optional).

Step four

Your email address (optional).  The email address will be used to email the password to you  should you forget it.

An email address can only be used for one customer profile.





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