Corporate Online will save your partially completed forms as work in progress.  For clients that are logged in, Corporate Online automatically saves partially completed filings in the following situations:   

Click the "Your Work" tab to see all of your draft forms.

If you are not logged in, but used a name reservation number in your filing, your form will also be saved.  To continue the filing later, re-start the filing and begin again by entering the name reservation number.  All of the information previously entered will be displayed as you proceed through the filing.



Clients who use this feature as part of their work process should be aware of the following:

  • A partially completed filing will be available for use only until another form is filed for the same company.  When a form is filed it changes information about the company and therefore invalidates any previously drafted filings. For example: A notice of change of address is started and saved.  Then a notice of change of directors is started and saved. When either of these filings is retrieved and completed the other filing is no longer available as its information may now be out-of-date.  

  • The Corporate Registry releases new versions of Corporate Online regularly.  The Registry makes every effort to avoid impacting existing partially completed filings.  Unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided.  As a result, the Registry recommends keeping the partially completed filings for no more than 60 days.

  • On an ongoing basis the Registry removes partially completed filings that are more than 6 months old.  This assists you in ensuring that your partially completed filings are not out-of-date and taking up unnecessary space.

  • Clients with several hundred partially completed filings may experience problems opening and restarting them depending on their Internet connection.  The Corporate Registry recommends deleting unused filings if this starts to occur.



Delete an item that is no longer available by checking the box next to it and clicking the button in the lower left corner of the table.



You must login or use a name reservation number to have your draft filings saved in "Your Work" area.



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