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Before you begin this filing, it is important that you must have at least 1 attorney on file if your head office is located outside BC. If you have only 1 attorney on file the revocation of appointment of attorney can only be filed after a new attorney is appointed or if the head office is located in British Columbia. Please return to the Services Menu in Corporate Online and select the Notice of Appointment of Attorney filing.
The overview contains background information about when this document should be filed, important information you need to know, and a list of items you should have on hand before you get started.
Read the overview any time by clicking the button beside the name of this transaction above.
In order to view the draft of your filing, or your filed document once your transaction is complete, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


In spring 2023, the BC OnLine and the Corporate Online application will no longer be used to access Corporate Search and filings for BC Companies. Read more here.


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