The person who completes the Incorporation Application has legal responsibilities under section 15 of the Business Corporations Act:

(1) A completing party must,

(a) before an incorporation application is submitted to the registrar for filing to incorporate a company,

(i) examine the articles and incorporation agreement to ensure that both are endorsed within the meaning of subsection (2),

(ii) designate as incorporators, in the incorporation application, all of those persons who have endorsed both the articles and the incorporation agreement and no other persons, and

(iii) complete the completing party statement in the incorporation application, and

(b) after the company is incorporated, deliver to the delivery address of the company's records office, or mail by registered mail to the mailing address of the company's records office, the originally signed articles and incorporation agreement examined by the completing party.

(2) For the purposes of subsection (1), a record is endorsed if

(a) the record contains a signature line for each signatory with the name of that signatory set out legibly under the signature line,

(b) an original signature has been placed on each of those signature lines, and

(c) the completing party has no reason to believe that the signature placed on a signature line is not the signature of the person whose name is set out under that signature line.

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