Written authorization for continuation in from the foreign corporation's jurisdiction must be mailed or faxed to the Corporate Registry before the continuation application is filed electronically.

The authorization is to be addressed to the Registrar of Companies in BC and is to clearly state the name of the corporation in its current jurisdiction, its corporate number assigned by the foreign jurisdiction and that the corporation is authorized by an official of that jurisdiction that the corporation may continue into BC. The submitting party MUST also attach to the authorization or indicate on the authorization, the name reservation number for the name the foreign corporation has reserved in BC. and, if the foreign corporation is currently registered in BC as an extraprovincial company, the authorization must include the registration number assigned, e.g. A-012334.

Once the staff at the Corporate Registry receive the authorization, they will contact the submitting party to let them know that they can now proceed with the electronic filing of the continuation application.

You can mail or fax the authorization to the Corporate Registry.


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